AP with WE Service

This year, Mrs. Ricca decided to offer students an enhanced version of the traditional AP course: AP Computer Science with WE Service. WE is a charity that has been doing work both domestically and internationally. This includes giving the less fortunate food, water, care, and education. Recently, WE has partnered with the College Board to create AP with WE. The goal is to get students to think about how they can implement what they are learning into the real world for the betterment of the less fortunate and society as a. AP students must complete a service on a local and global level using the skills they learned throughout the year. Our class is running this game day event to raise money for and awareness about global access to education.

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About ONE Spirit

What is ONE Spirit?

ONE Spirit promotes an intercultural relationship that recognizes that we are all related and that American Indians are an equal and valued part of our society. The goal of all programs is to reduce or eliminate hunger, to replace the high drop out and suicide rates among youth with an enthusiasm for learning and a pride in their Lakota heritage.

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About Hour of Code

What is the Hour of Code?

Earlier in the year, we hosted an Hour of Code event at Meadowbrook to inspire children to code. The Hour of Code has become a worldwide effort to celebrate computer science, starting with 1-hour coding activities but expanding to all sorts of community efforts.

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What is TEEEM?

TEEEM is an organization dedicated to empowering social entrepreneurs and students to become innovative leaders of global nonprofits. TEEEM, with a focus on real results and long term sustainability, carefully selects and sponsors empathically-minded women with entrepreneurial skills.

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Teacher Jeopardy!

Tournament: TypeRacer

Tournament: Flappy Bird

Tournament: Missile Command

Game: Pac-Man

Game: Road Racer

Game: Duck Hunt

Game: Tetris



One Game Credit


  • Play any single player game once.

Unlimited Game Credits

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  • Play any single player game(s) as many times as you would like.

One Tournament Credit


  • Play any two player game once.

Guess Keys in a Jar


  • Guess the number of keys in a jar and win a prize!